Born in Melbourne, I am an emerging artist living and painting from my Kyneton studio in north-west Victoria.
Like so many children, I loved drawing from my earliest days. I was often at my happiest curled up somewhere with paper and colouring pencils, creating my latest masterpiece. Despite many life distractions as I grew up and as adult responsibilities started crowding in, I never entirely lost my childhood delight at putting pencil to paper. 

Having studied Fine Art and Interior Design at what was then the Melbourne College of Decoration, I had a long career in the interior design industry. Over time my role transformed into project management, which subsequently took a different life path into a successful career in the IT corporate sector. Hovering in the background, always, was an unfulfilled desire to paint. It remained undiminished as the years passed. Occasional attempts to take up painting (in various mediums) invariably resulted in frustration and sometimes bitter disappointment with the results. Reflecting on those times, I can only explain it by saying the timing was wrong. My life was unsettled, my headspace wasn't right. It is only now that I realise the key to truly releasing my creative persona was that I needed to be at peace with myself and my place in the world.
I returned to my childhood love of art via short courses in drawing, and residential painting courses under the guidance of a mentor. Painting and drawing, and my love of the creative process for its own sake, has released an untapped well of inspiration. I have the luxury of living in the country and inspiration is quite literally all around me.  It's marvellous and I couldn't ask for more.
Life maturity brings with it many advantages. I am more resilient now and I am less concerned that not everybody will like or appreciate what I do. I derive enormous pleasure painting beautiful floral images - a small piece of my artistic soul resides in each work. It is my fervent wish that my paintings bring a little sunshine into the lives of those who own them, that they smile at my work and walk on with a lighter step. To me, art and beauty are inextricably bound.